Help with sql update statement

Im after some help performing an update statement please. We have a product table. pres.scheme.stockm
products have multiple warhouses.
theres three anayasis fields called
Warehouse is BE and BF
where a product has both a BE and BF record and the three fields are blank against the BE, I want to use the values of the three records in the BF the populate the BE. Could anyone assist please.

Can we get the actual table definition? I'm kind of guessing what it looks like. With that in mind, this might be completely out in left field:update e set analysis_a = f.analysis_a, analysis_b = f.analysis_b, analysis_c = f.analysis_c from products e inner join products f on e.ProductName = f.ProductName -- Same Product and e.warehouse = 'BE' -- different warehouses and f.warehouse = 'BF' where e.analysis_a = '' -- All are blank and e.analysis_b = '' and e.analysis_c = ''