Help with sql query find combinations that are not equal, please

1 (col_att,col_anv) T2(col_anv,col_ers) I want to find all col_atts that are not exactly the same col_ers for all their col_ans. It is not certain that there is any row in T2 for all col_anv and if there were any other col_anv that has col_ers then those rows should also come out.
A col_att can have several col_anv. There can also be several col_ers per col_anv. If col_att has col_anv where col_ers are not the same number for all col_anv, these should also be displayed. Very grateful if I can get help.
Will give some examples of data and what I want for results.
A, 10
A, 20
B, 30
C, 40
C, 50
C, 60
D, 25
D, 35
D, 45

10, AB
10, AA
20, AB
30, BB
40, CC
50, CC
25, DD
25, DE
25, DF
35, DE
35, DF
35, DD
45, DF
45, DE
45, DD

Then I would like to have the following result:
A, 10, AB
A, 10, AA
A, 20, AB
C, 40, CC
C, 50, CC
C, 60