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Help with SQL 2008



I am new user on this forum, just starting to learn SQL from scratch.

The setup on which I work is as follows:
SQL Server 2008 installed on Win Server 2008 R2 SP1 running MSPOSINSTANCE database
for Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009 SP2 (few clients with POS installed (database located on server)

I am ok with queering database from POS, export to csv - do changes and import back through POS Import wizard. But this take long time and is limited.

I need help with accessing database on SQL Server, queering it, manipulate data. From this setup what exist there is no way to do anything and what I have found out is I need something like SSRS (link this up with SQL server and database) to be able to run queries(extract information in excel format) ..not sure if using SSRS I can manipulate data in database as well.

Any tips, books recommendations will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance


You can use SSMS (management studio) to run queries. If you installed all the client tools you should be able to build an SSRS report in BIDS. If you also installed report server you should be able to deploy your report to RS and run it using Report Manager


Thanks for you tips,

I did not install or configure this setup, it has be done by somebody else and I need to work it out.

That what is pretty much installed and related to SQL and database:
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Native Client
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Browser
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 setup Support Files
Microsoft SQL Server 2008
Microsoft SQL Server VSS Writer
Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Applications

Microsoft dynamics POS 2009
Microsoft POS for .net 1.12

With this what is installed, I want to get access to MSPOSINSTANCE database, and write queries to extract and manipulate data in database.

Not sure what SSMS, BIDS is, will have a look on google to try understand this.


BIDS = Business Intelligence Design Studio. It is installed when you install SQL Server with all the client tools. It is used to design Reporting Services reports (SSRS). Basically, it's a customized version of Visual Studio

SSMS = SQL Server Management Studio. It also is installed with the client tools and is used by DBAs and Developers to develop, debug and manage SQL Server.

Note that you can install SSMS standalone from this link: SSMS Preview