Help with my SQL code

Hi all, first every post!

I am superneto w SQL but already love it although at the current time I'm working with very simple queries. I have a much more difficult query I need help finishing as my ability level is unfortunately way below this currently.

I have a dataset from a school for student assessments and am pulling into from the databasebuti am getting many records I don't want.

I am hoping to get this data to cooperate by running some extra code which will seach one field in my database for a numbethatsinr cluded in the title of another one. I have no idea how to do this or if the data types causes issues when doing this but this is what I am trying to achiieve:

Using the field Grade.short_name look in the field Classes.section_name where this can be found, if theres a match then I want it displayed. Issue is Classes.section_name contains more than just the number found from the Grade.short_name. That field could look like this 2a.ROOM If a student is in grade 2 I want it to be listed as a match. Is this possible?

Here is my code so far:


















dna_assessments.agg_student_responses MathScores

left JOIN dna_assessments.assessments Assmnts ON MathScores.assessment_id = Assmnts.assessment_id

left JOIN public.students Students ON MathScores.student_id = Students.student_id

left JOIN (SELECT distinct


STRING_AGG(u.last_name, ', ') AS teachers,




FROM matviews.ss_cube c

left JOIN public.users AS u

ON c.user_id = u.user_id

GROUP BY c.student_id, c.site_id, c.grade_level_id, c.section_id

) AS Teachers

ON Students.student_id = Teachers.student_id

left JOIN public.sections Classes ON Classes.section_id = Teachers.section_id

left JOIN public.student_session_aff Enrollment -- Student school enrollments as on page=Student_Enrollment_Controller

ON Students.student_id = Enrollment.student_id

AND MathScores.date_taken BETWEEN Enrollment.entry_date and Enrollment.leave_date -- Enrollment range in which student's score date falls. Assumes no missing leave dates or overlapping enrollment records.

-- AND Assmnts.administered_at BETWEEN Enrollment.entry_date and Enrollment.leave_date -- Enrollment range in which assessment date falls. Assumes no missing leave dates or overlapping enrollment records.

left JOIN public.grade_levels Grade ON Enrollment.grade_level_id = Grade.grade_level_id

left JOIN public.sessions Years ON Enrollment.session_id = Years.session_id -- Sites' regular/summer sessions (connects student_session_aff to sites)

left JOIN public.sites Schools ON Years.site_id = Schools.site_id

Where (Assmnts.title like '%Math Interim Assessment%' or Assmnts.title like '%HRM%') and (Classes.section_name like '%HRM%' or Classes.section_name like '%Homeroom%');

Any help would be much appreciated and really get me out of a data hole. Hope someone can help

The extra rows are related to your joins. Since you mostly use left joins, that means you'll get all the rows from the left side of the join even if there are no matching rows on the right side. I'm guessing that's not what you want. Try changing "left" to "inner" and see what that does.