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Help with erd


Hi, I'm new at database and my teacher told me there's something wrong with the data handled in game entity. Can someone give me an idea of what it is?


I hope this doesn't come off as too harsh but you did ask for feedback...

  • I'm assuming that "Home" and "Away" are "Teams" though its not defined so in the diagram.

  • Why do the two Home and Away teams each have a date? Are they playing the same game on different days? What is the Date an attribute of?

  • Why is Location an attribute of the Away team? Does the Home team not need a location? Don't some teams play in more than one venue (e.g., National teams don't always play their "Home" games in the same venue)? Wouldn't that make Location an attribute of the Game, perhaps with a default location defined for the Home team?

  • Probably overkill but.... Don't players get traded from Team to Team? Wouldn't you need to know WHEN a player was a member of a team?