Help with BCNF

Hello all,

I would appreciate some help with attempting a question for an assignment which i am absolutely stumped on.

Can someone help determining if the below FD's are BCNF and if not, why are they not?

I need to understand why.

R1 (MemberID -> MemberFirstName, MemberLastName, Address, PostCode)

R2 (LoanID -> MemberID, BookID, LoanDate, ReturnDate )

R3 (BookID -> Title, Year, PublisherID)

R4 (PublisherID -> PublisherName)

R5 (AuthorID -> AuthorFirstName, AuthorLastName)

R6 (Title -> Year)

I don't understand the reason / need for R6. Other than that, what's there looks good to me.

I don't see any relation modeling Author to Book, so, if you do need that, I think it's missing.


i hope this helps ...