Help to point me direction of SQL Server Problem so I can solve myself

The SQL Server is on go slow at the moment and attached image shows what is running.
I'd like to try and workout the problem before the tech guys get in to let them know.

Can anyone please point me in the direction of what I should be checking first from image or a website on checking steps. Are the NETWORK IO wait stats a problem to look at first?

Heh... if I were a tech guy and you sent me something like this, I'd have to tell you to stop sending me symptoms of what may be some really bad code. Look at the reads. Very nearly 2 Billion reads for 1 session. Reads, in this case, are "Logical Reads" and have absolutely NOTHING to do with a possible network problem. It's all between the CPU and Memory.

A single "Read" is 8 kbytes. You have one spid that has done nearly 2 BILLION reads. If you divide 2 BILLION by 128, you end up with how many megabytes that is... 15,625,000 MEGA BYTES! That's 15.5 TERABYTES of logical I/O. Do you even have a database that large? Probably not.

Your problems are in the code. You need to find and fix the bad code, period.

Bloody hell yes that is a lot of data!
I'll have to leave it to the tech guys to tune the rogue query.
Many thanks Jeff

Just curious, Roger... what do you mean by the "Tech Guys"? And, are you the DBA? I'm asking so that I know what to ask for to maybe help out here a bit and help isolate what part of what code to concentrate on for this problem.

In Your Query Press CTRL+M To Activate Execution Plan
So When You Execute Your Query It Will Analyse What your problem Is And A Solution That might Reduce Time Of Execution

Just so that someone doesn't get their hopes too high on this, the Execution Plan does NOT analyze what the problem is nor does it provide a solution. YOU have to analyze the Execution Plan yourself and YOU have to determine the possible solution.