Help to avoid problems at work

Hello, I rarely work with databases in my work on another task from my superiors, I stumbled upon an incomprehensible mistake in MICROSOFT SQL SERVER 2014, I have Windows 8.1 installed in my office, Database consistency errors reported by DBCC CHECKB.

Do you have a backup?

Look at the error messages to see exactly what the error is. You may need to look at the SQL Server Error log as well.

If the error is on an index id of 0 or 1, that's a big problem, and you will need to review the error and try to correct it.

If the error is on an index of 2 or more, you can simply drop that index and recreate it.

Sorry, I can't provide any more detailed help without more detailed error messages.

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Re-create a whole new file from the repair mdf file:

  1. Open a new blank project file
  2. Go to Insert/Project and insert the problem file.
  3. Select the first task which will be the insertion point summary line.
  4. Go to Project/Task Information/Advanced tab.
  5. Uncheck the "Link to Project" button and hit "OK".
  6. If the file isn't already expanded, expand it.
  7. Select all tasks below the top level summary line.
  8. Outdent the selected tasks.
  9. Delete the first task which previously was a summary line.
  10. Save the resulting file.

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