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Help me to insert data from 2012 server on my local machine to 2008 server at remote machine

I am in trouble to insert the data from available on my local machine in 2012 SQL server to the 2008 SQL server which is installed at remote machine. Please help me to execute the Query/program to transfer the data.

If you want to connect to SQL server remotly you need to use a software - like Sql Server Management studio.
The computers doesn't need to be on the same network - but they must be able to connect each other using a communication protocol like tcp/ip, and the server must be set up to support incoming connection of the type you choose.
You create a backup and attach this on the Remote machine SQL Serever

You should be able to use SSIS -if you have tried that please post any errors etc. that you got.

BCP would be another way. Make sure to use the NATIVE data format both for Export and Import.

You can't - the local machine is SQL 2012 and the remote is SQL 2008

If you have SSMS installed on one machine or the other and you are getting whole tables worth of data then there is also a pretty easy to use Import/Export data wizard (right click on the database, select tasks then Import Data (or Export Data depending on which end of the chain you are working from), the wizard is reasonably easy to follow..

Yes, you are correct- i forgot to check the versions. As restore backup to downgrade version is not possible due to compatibility issue.