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Help Granting SQL SERVER AGENT Jobs



Firstly - my data base admin quit. So now I have the responsibility of being our new DBA :).

One of our databases has a generic domain account as the owner of all jobs - and all of our users can see the jobs and run them despite not being that actual user.

On another database only the owner can see and edit those jobs. I have no idea how to setup a generic account as an owner of a job where all users can see those jobs and edit them.

If I get the extreme benefit of a reply on this problem I have encountered I would be most grateful. If you could be as detailed as possible on what I need to do I will love you forever.



Usually, everyone being able to see and run jobs is not a recommended practice. Agent jobs are meant for jobs that need to run automatically (or sometimes on demand by specific users who have elevated permissions).

In any case, you control who can do what on SQL Agent by granting them memberships in one or more of three roles in the MSDB database: SQLAgentUserRole , SQLAgentReaderRole , and SQLAgentOperatorRole. (MSDB is a system database)

Read through this article which explains all of that pretty well, and if you still need help post back?