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Help converting excel pivit to SSRS repot



I have a client who has manually been running a report for a long time, in excel. They run an SQL stored procedure that returns 2 datasets from two different tables. The client then manually copied and pasted the two result sets into tabs in excel, and in the 3rd tab created a pivot to show the data by month. I am trying to convert this to an automated report, however the first thing I learned was SSRS doesn't like multiple data sets, and only takes the first while ignoring the second.

How should I proceed?



Would it help if you created a view of the two datasets and then based your SSRS report on that?
Not very experienced so that might not help at all... just a thought :smile:

An alternative would be to populate your Excel spreadsheets by using the Connection Manager to connect to SQL Server, create the pivot table and then all they need to do to get updated data is click the Refresh All button in Excel.

Hope thats of some help or at least puts you on the right track :smile: