Hello Securing a SQL Server instance

Hi folks,

As part of the installation of my program, SQL Server Express gets installed as a prerequisite. In the initial setup settings, a password is defined for the SA. Once the installation is completed, a configuration routine creates a SQL Login which is used exclusively by my program.

Question #1 : is there a way using TSQL to zap all other logins including SA, thus leaving only my SQL login capable of accessing the databases through the software (or SSMS if need be)?

Question #2: is there a way using TSLQ to ensure that nobody can copy the database files and reattach them on another SQL server instance?



what you have posted is a sql server database administration topic

this is T-SQL forum only for Transact SQL

#2 encrypt the ldf and mdf files. If that is possible with SQL express

Q1: Yes
Q2: No