Having difficulties on my project

i am new to sql so excuse me if that question is dumb to some of u or easy.On my project i am getting asked to do this

For each movie that has just one genre, find the item as well as the number
of the directors who have directed this genre.

If this doesnt help ask me for more data.
To connect to the base:
localhost: linuxvm02.di.uoa.gr
the other as on default

Please provide:

  • table definitions in the form of create statements
  • sample data in the form of insert statements
  • expected output from the sample data you provide
  • show the query you got so far and a description of thats not working (possibly the error you get)

so you see this took a couple of minutes to do. If you dont provide sample data like this, since we are all busy people then we might ignore your question bcs it will take from our busy time doing the following for you

create table #movies(movieid int, moviename)
insert into #movies
select 1, 'Star Wash' union
select 2, 'MIssion Possible'

create table #genres(genreid, genre)
insert into #genres
select 1, 'Sci-Fi' union
select 2, 'Comedy' union

create #table #moviegenres(movieId int, genreId int)
select 1, 1 --Star wars, Sci-Fi

create table #persons(personid int, firstname varchar(150), 
lastname varchar(150))
insert into #persons
select 1, 'Denz', 'El' union
select 2, 'Wash', 'Ington'

create table etc etc