Have anybody licensed ApexSQL Restore and is able to help me?

Hello dears, I have dropped all tables in database and I have no backup. I was trying several tools, the best results I had with ApexSQL Restore but trial version is restoring every of ten rows and buying licence for me is too expensive (one licence is as 4x my whole monthly income).

Can someone (who have licensed ApexSQL Restore) restore me the data? I will pay for it, let tell me your price and I will send you .mdf and .ldf file. The best is contact me at radek.jancik@sunamo.cz.

Database model was Simple.

It's not be only ApexSQL, but any other tool/way which can restore dropped tables. Or if someone know less expensive tool up to 100 USD, please tell me too.

Thanks very much

database backup doesn't exist, a dropped table can be recovered from SQL database data and transaction log files. When it comes to recovery from a database in the Simple recovery model, it might fail as the Drop table transaction might have been overwritten. Even then, recovery is possible from the MDF file.Aug 15, 2013

Please see if below link helps...


Please google search

In the database recovery command
Some option


DBCC commands can be used
DBCC CHECKDB (Transact-SQL) - SQL Server | Microsoft Docs

You can use the demo version of the Advanced MDF Recovery Tool from DatabaseFileRecovery to restore your database.