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HA AlwaysOn and DR




Currently our servers are configured on HA - AlwaysOn.
Primary servers are configured with 2 automatic secondary replicas.( 1 for immediate secondary other for mainly on Disaster Recovery)

If we add any database to AG groups , it will automatically goes to 2 replicas.

We are getting a new database which is around 2 TB and dont want replicate to DR servers i.e. only should have 1 replica due to hard disk cost prolblems.

Can any one please help me or suggest me on this?



Hi simplyphani,
I believe you cannot do that, as AG group is set to group all of the DBs and you cannot have 1 DB that will configure differently (only replicate to 1 server not both), since it cannot ensure it can failover.

What you can do is to setup another AG group, which only contain that 2TB database and replicate to only 1 replicas of your choice. However, you cannot ensure it will failover with the other databases.

Hope this helps.