On my Preferences my "Profile Picture" was defaulted to Gravatar (I'm pretty sure???) based on my email address. I changed it to the (K) default for the "System assigned profile picture" and changed it back to Gravatar, but its still a (K) so looks like Gravatar is not doing anything?

It may just take a while to update. Let's give it a bit.

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I tried it on my account on too ... that didn't work either ... Park it I think as doubtful that it is some CONFIG setting you need to twiddle with

I still see a K.

I came here trying to find out how to get to My Profile.

This site's new format seems over complicated.

I changed it from Gravatar to a specific icon (looks like the (K) default, but is actually slightly different).

Drop-down menu from the Top Right of the page (it will be showing your Avatar, not mine!!)

Hopefully that's just lack of familiarity. I found that the old site was so outdated that it had so little functionality.compared to more modern forums, that it had become very tiresome to use ... for example: I couldn't have added an image, and on most forums I use I certainly couldn't add an image just by dragging it to the REPLY window - as I was able to do here!!


I was trying to use my Gravatar as well, but it wasn't loading either.

Before, that little section of my screen (that you pointed out above) was blank ...because the site was not able to load my Gravatar.

After posting here, I was able to find a back door into my profile, where I did like you and manually specified my Avatar.

With an avatar on my profile, it looks much more obvious! It looks more like what Google uses.

In case anyone else has this problem the link to Profile Preference is: