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Go to report action in SSRS


I have a 'go to report' action in SSRS that is working well, but I'm trying to figure out the parameters it is passing to the linked report.

For example, I have a high level report that shows how many late shipments we had in a certain time frame. i then have that numbered set up with an action to go to a detailed report that shows specifics of the order.

Only problem is the linked or secondary report is not correct. For example if you run report 1, it shows 5 late shipments this week, then you click the link to see the details, the detailed report is not accurate, it will either show more or less than 5, plus the ones it does display are incorrect.

I have a parameter for the action to pass the date range specified, but that doesn't appear to be functioning.

Hope I've explained everything well.



Have you tried to run the query in SSMS first to see if your results for the detailed report are the same as what you are getting in SSRS?


yes, both queries run correctly independently. its just when it's ran from the action that it gets messed up.