Get olap role


i want to get all users role to table by sql.
how can i do it?

I do not remember where I got this: -- Who has what general permission SELECT as LoginName,a.type_desc AS LoginType, a.default_database_name AS DefaultDBName, CASE WHEN b.sysadmin = 1 THEN 'sysadmin' WHEN b.securityadmin=1 THEN 'securityadmin' WHEN b.serveradmin=1 THEN 'serveradmin' WHEN b.setupadmin=1 THEN 'setupadmin' WHEN b.processadmin=1 THEN 'processadmin' WHEN b.diskadmin=1 THEN 'diskadmin' WHEN b.dbcreator=1 THEN 'dbcreator' WHEN b.bulkadmin=1 THEN 'bulkadmin' ELSE 'Public' END AS 'ServerRole' FROM sys.server_principals a JOIN master..syslogins b ON a.sid=b.sid WHERE a.type <> 'R' AND NOT LIKE '##%' ORDER BY serverrole, 1

i need OLAP role,(not sql role server)