Get history tracks

I have an istory table [QuotationH] like this:

IdQuotationH - IdQuotation - IdBEntity - other fields

that track the history of modifications in the [Quotation] table.

For example, if the IdQuotation 101 change the IdBEntity from AAA to BBB,
int the history table I have 2 records:

1 - 101 - AAA - other fields
2 - 102 - BBB - other fields

Now I need to extract the history for a Quotation.

For example, for the Quotation 101 I should get

101 - AAA
101 - BBB

and so on (if other changes has happened).

How can I write something like this?

(I'm on SQL Server 2014)

Thanks a lot in advance.


Maybe a simple query
Select * From QuotationH where IdQuotation = 101

And how can I get a list of the IdBEntity (one or more) for every quotation?

Isn't IdBEntity a column in the history table?

You said that here