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Function performs very slow



Please look at this link to old site because I am not able to post in new site due to error "Sorry new user can not mention more that 2 users in post". Not sure what that means. Moderators can help on that I hope. Thank you


Please consider formating your sql - makes it so much easier to read (it was really a bracked hell to get thru).
As to optimizing your where section, not much to do:

WHERE (@CUSparam = 113
   OR  dbo.E_Estimates.Customer = @CUSparam
  AND ((@CHKparam = 0
  AND   dbo.E_Estimates.[Assy Q] = -1
  AND   dbo.E_Estimates.E_Status IN (1,2)
   OR  (@CHKparam = -1
  AND   dbo.E_Estimates.[Assy Q] IN (-1,-2)
  AND ((@FLDparam = '[Part Number]'
  AND   dbo.[Part Numbers].PartNumber LIKE '%' + @TXTparam + '%'
   OR  (@FLDparam = '[Description]'
  AND   dbo.[Part Numbers].[Description] LIKE '%' + @TXTparam + '%'

You should look at placing correct indexes on your tables, to gain performance.


THANK YOU BITSMED! Indexes are there. I will do better formatting when I post :slight_smile: