Front-end Development

I have dabbled in several areas of development, but not enough to be good at any of them. To name a few, I have used MS Access for over 20 years and have developed several databases at the expert level. I have taken courses in C#, SQL, and a few others, which I never learned very well.

I would like to learn how to develop web based front-ends for SQL databases starting from scratch. I know everybody has their own preferences. I do have access to and EDX. Using those, what would be the best courses to start with? Or, if you have other free courses I can use that are better, please let me know.

Thank you.

I would recommend you look at either angular (Not AngularJS) and/or react.js

After posting this, I was directed to a course on that said front-end developers should start with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. What he said sounded good. If I pursue that avenue, which should I learn first?

all those work in tandem so learn all as you go. I learned web development using courses from

here are other resources:

others might also recommend you learn php, etc I recommend angular because that is what I have been using to develop web portals for departments in our org

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Thank you. I will look at that.