Free sql management studio tool to repair corrupted databases, scripts and back files

hi. a blind it student, and using a screen reader jaws for windows from freedom scientific.. sql server 2017, and using sql management studio 2017, and visual studio 2017 community 32 bit version 15.7.1. now, got a bunch of student databases and updates to windows 1803, and did not update some of the sql server and visual studio. so had to install, then update and repair. don't have a credit card or paypal. most of the sites have googled, only demo version, won't repair, or save, and some of them are not very accessible with screen readers, as totally blind and cannot see. so, are there any good free tools to repair databases. tried using the internal sql scripts, and either got sinztax errors, would not like the file names, tried creating new databases, says i have an empty database, and also when i try to import, says did not import, did not import the bak file, and cannot attatch .mdf files. so any ideas. using sql management studio 2017.7 64 bit. and using windows 10 1803 64 bit. and in australia. so any one who is from australia or new zealand, able to help. thanks.