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Free Disk Required For SQL Express


I have recently run into a disk space problem. Due to large log file, my disk space has run out of space (less than 100MB). I have changed to simple recovery mode and releases to 6GB free space. I have asked our IT vendor and he suggests to have at least 60GB free space. He said despite limit of 10GB database, as the server may need to do other queries...etc, more free space is required.

is the 60GB requirement really true? I have checked the database. The database seems occupied around 1GB only.

We are a small start up so I try to learn from web to set up the server myself . The total disk space for my cloud database server is 40GB running windows.

Thank you very much. Appreciate!


From what I read, you are using a cloud server? with SQL express installed?
When you say change recovery model and free up the space, I assume you free up the log space? If so, and you can live with simple recovery model, then you can continue doing that and the space requirement will be much less.

I assume you have some kind of backup going on as well? If so, you will have to cater the size of those as well, also with all other window based operation (patching and others).

Space is something that you need to monitor, vendor suggestion is just to be on the safe side and make sure that you don't bother them for the next few months/years. If cost is a concern, you will have to pay more attention to how you using the space.

Hope this helps.


Windows Servers - over time - will require more and more disk space as they are patched. Including SQL Server - and patches for SQL Server you will quickly get to a point where 40GB won't be enough space.

I have a laptop that uses almost 70GB of space just for Windows and its patches - and servers that are near 50GB just for Windows.

The question isn't really about SQL Server - it is about the server itself. If you are just using a hosted SQL Server - then you should not be required to pay for space you are not going to use.