Free database data

Hello all,

Is there any free database that I can download and add it to my SQL Server Express so I can use the data tables, views for practice purposes? I know Microsoft has one but I forgot what is the database name.

Thanks all

For Express your options might be limited

So you might have to go this route below

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I would recommend downloading the developer edition instead of using the express edition. The developer edition is free and provides everything you would need to develop against SQL Server.


If you sign up for My Visual Studio you can get access to a lot of free resources and software (including the developer editions of many database flavors). You can also get three months free access to Pluralsight. It's an incredible resource for FREE if you want to learn anything Microsoft. Microsoft really does a good job making their tools available to those who want to learn.

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Thank you all for the information. Have a great weekend all!

If you like baseball... on the web search for Sean Lahman (baseball stats)
I use it to teach Oracle databases at a university...
I adapted the MySQL database for use with Oracle... works like a champ