Format Date and Dollar Format - Noetix Export


I have this below where I created a report in Noetix and I'd like to be able to format the three date fields to mm/dd/yyyy and the amount to include, and $. I can't seem to find a way to do this without going into the SQL and I'm not sure how to fit a CONVERT into this. Is it even possible?

"AP_Invoice_Payments"."Vendor_name_alt" AS "PAYEE ID",
"AP_Checks"."Vendor_Name" AS "CLIENT NAME",
"AP_Checks"."Payment_Document_Name" AS "PAYMENT TYPE",
"AP_Checks"."Check_Number" AS "PAYMENT NUMBER",
"AP_Checks"."Check_Date" AS "PAYMENT DATE",
"AP_Checks"."Amount" AS "AMOUNT",
"AP_Checks"."Status_Lookup_Code" AS "STATUS",
"AP_Checks"."Cleared_Date" AS "CLEARED DATE",
"AP_Checks"."Void_Date" AS "VOID DATE" 
    FROM "Noetix Global on redacted".
    "AP_Checks" AS "AP_Checks" 
        INNER JOIN "Noetix Global on redacted".
        "AP_Invoice_Payments" AS "AP_Invoice_Payments" ON "AP_Checks"."Z$AP_Checks" = "AP_Invoice_Payments"."Z$AP_Checks"  
            WHERE (  ( "AP_Checks"."Amount" <> 0 )  AND  ( "AP_Checks"."Vendor_Name" LIKE '||REB%' )  )  ORDER BY "PAYMENT DATE" DESC  


this is a microsoft t-sql forum

not sure