Format Calculated column as currency

How would I format the following do that line 5
,SalesLT.Product.ListPrice - SalesLT.Product.StandardCost AS Profit

Is formatted with an £ sign?
The code is
SELECT SalesLT.Product.Name
,SalesLT.Product.ListPrice - SalesLT.Product.StandardCost AS Profit
,SalesLT.ProductModel.Name AS SubCatNameType

         ,SalesLT.Product.Name AS SubCatName

SalesLT.ProductModel ON SalesLT.ProductModel.ProductModelID = SalesLT.ProductModel.ProductModelID

Many thanks

You can use format:

FORMAT (Transact-SQL) - SQL Server | Microsoft Learn

FORMAT(SalesLT.Product.ListPrice - SalesLT.Product.StandardCost,'C','en-gb') AS Profit

Formatting is really a problem for the front end not the database.

It can be done in the db with FORMAT, which is slow, or just by CASTing to a string.

SELECT FORMAT(100.00, 'C', 'en-gb') AS CurrencyFormat
	,CONCAT('£', CAST(100.00 AS varchar(20))) AS CurrencyFormat2;