Forcing a Value when column is blank

We have to submit a file to an external agency but one particular field
has to contain a value. The problem is, the field isn't always
containing data.

What I want to do is when there is data in the field to return that, 
but where the field is null I want it to force an arbitrary value of my 
choosing e.g 'No data to report'

I'm struggling with the syntax as I've been away from SQL for a while.

Can anyone advise please? Simplified I thought I could do a CASE 
query to say when field is null then 'No Data to report' ELSE select 
the data from the field and return that.


Since you did not show your SQL statement...

Try using COALESCE(field, 'No Data to Report') if the field is string.

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can you try this.
select case when yourcoulumn is null then 'No data to report' else yourcolumn end from your table

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Thankyou to you both.

I went with the CASE and after some tweaking it works