Flat file connection mgr doesn't retain file sample

I choose a sample 'base' text file when building / configuring my flat file connection manager. Although, of course, at run time a variable & an expression change this to a dynamic file path.
However, when I go back into the package later, it doesn't seem to RETAIN the sample/base file. Which means that, if I wanted (for example), to check one tiny detail (like whether I was ignoring header line, or what length a particular column was), I have to rebuild the entire thing.

Does this sound normal? I could have sworn this was not the norm, what gives?

Do you mean:

  1. your package no longer has a reference to the sample/base file
  2. the sample/base file is missing (moved or deleted)

#1 no longer has reference to sample/base file.

At run time, how is the variable containing the filename configured? Probably what ever you're doing there is blowing away the default.

an expression is changing it to a variable file path. I just thought I remembered in the past, the 'design view version' of the file connection manager, still retaining the original sample file used during design.
similar, (maybe?) to how when you set certain properties of forms in Excel, Access, etc., via code during run time, if you haven't also opened those objects in design view and saved them first, that run time change doesn't actually change the design saved property.

Anyway,at worst case, wouldn't it retain the filepath that had been assigned it via the variable & the expression, during last run? I guess maybe it is except in cases where that file no longer exists.

Sure, it will retain those values. And it's easy to check. Open the package, look at the values. Or, view the code and find the connection manager and look at the values there. If, however, you have converted the connection string to an expression, expand the expression to see what the default values are. If not as expected, look at the variables in the expression to see what they are set to.