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Finding the version details from IP and Port



Is it possible to find the version details from IP and Port.
For example I have IP and port number known to me ,but I don't have database credentials and other details.
I want to know which version of Sql server is running.

My purpose is to find the false vulnerabilities in security scanning.

Thank you


For finding the SQL Server version name try:

SELECT SERVERPROPERTY('productversion') as VersioNumber
,SERVERPROPERTY ('productlevel') as SPLevel
,SERVERPROPERTY ('edition') as ServerEdition

There is also function

select @@version

For finding the TCP port of the SQL Server see: http://mangalpardeshi.blogspot.in/2009/06/tcp-port-of-sql-server.html


Yes you can find the version details just open up the errorlog, this will have details on the edition and running version of sql server.

Know more about service and application version detection. https://nmap.org/book/vscan.html