Finding employees from different department with same last name

I'm a beginner and stuck with this query.

Write a query in SQL to display the first name, last name, and department number for those employees who works in the same department as the employee who holds the last name as Taylor.

can someone kindly help me with this.
, e.last_name
, e.department_id
employees e
JOIN employees e1 ON e.department_id = e1.department_id
e1.last_name LIKE 'Taylor'
This is my query and not getting the required output.
Many Thanks


this is one way .. !!!

select first name, last name, department number
from employees
where dept_id in
select dept_id from employees where last_name NOT like '%Taylor%'
select dept_id from employees where last_name like '%Taylor%'

another way is to use join ..!!!