Find missing varchar value in a series and insert a a red text row as missing value


 //Missing Value  (PT17000094)

I need to display an empty row with a text missing value or else a row with missed value
(PT17000094) this possible?? Can anyone help me out

  1. generate a list of complete receipt number (either in temp table , table variable or simply CTE result set)
  2. LEFT OUTER JOIN to your table that contains receipt number

Am fetching the details from Database and the value is already missing there.. I fetch the table and display in my browser ...For the Front End side the missing value must be lik an empty row or a row denoting value this possible .. Its necessary only when a record missing in series or else not necessary..Can u get what am saying???

If (might be a big if!!) the prefix is always the same or the same length (or something else easily handled) then I think would be easier to use look for adjacent rows that are not consecutive.

Am confused since I have thousands of records keep updating that a good idea to create temp table and left outer join it??