Find and replace for readability

I wanted to find out how to make a enter line in my statement so when I copy and paste a sproc I can easily view it.
Currently whenever I copy a string it spits out exactly in a string, I wanted to find a way to make it basically line break between every blue coded word, I'm using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio I believe it's 2012 edition.

I think it's in the Find and replace function in the program but I'm unsure how to replace the correct spot to make it spew out my information to be more readable.

search for blue ..put line break

line beak .. regular expressions i think ..
is the key word

how to tell search replace that it should look for blue

search replace ... look for regular expressions

search replace .. click arrow

somewhere in "all these options" tell it look for blue

put \n here

OR use other software
Notepad ++
Sublime Text
or any software where blue can be recognized and line break put
GOOGLE search for that software

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Ah yeah, I believe you're on to something I tried to do Find and Replace
Find what:
Replace with:
Currently it's only doing it to the items in ' ' but I believe if I tried another commonly used expression/variable or term that fits it better in this program it will find it.
Thank you so much!

i have edited my reply to you

please check anything useful


"online" websites available no need for software download and install