Fill duplicate values with NULL

I have a query that returns the following results:-

Table1 Table2
Name1 Value1
Name1 Value2
Name1 Value3
Name2 Value1
Name2 Value2

What I'd like to return is:-

Table1 Table2
Name1 Value1
Name2 Value1

i.e. I only want to show one instance of column1 (Name) then show the next unique result in that column and replace the duplicate names with blanks/NULL

Is this possible?

Hi @johnmitch38 ,

hope below query helps.

;with cte as
select row_number() over(partition by table1 order by table1) as id,* from #tableName
select case when id = 1 then table1 else '' end as 'table1' , table2
from cte

Thanks but I'm struggling to get this to work. Here is my original query:-

Select *
(Select table2.field1 from table2 where table 2.join = table1.join)
from table1
where table1.unique value = 'johnmitch38'

I'm not familiar with row_number() or partition so I'm not sure how to to combine the clauses.


I'm going to be the unhelpful person who insists this is a presentation layer problem, not a something you should be solving in SQL.

That said, I've committed worse violations ;).

ROW_NUMBER() is a window function. v8553 is using it to assign row numbers, starting at 1, for each "table1" group. Then, he's dynamically filling in either the value from "table1" if the row number is 1 (the first of the partition), or an empty string if it's any other row from that partition.

It would help quite a bit if you also have a unique key field somewhere, like an ID that's different for each row. v8553's method can potentially return results in the wrong order otherwise.

If you need more specific help developing a specific solution to fit your needs, it would help if you could provide more detail about your actual source table structure as well as some representative example data.