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Filestreaming and Filetables


I've got myself in a pickle.

SQL Server 2012 64 bit on Windows 7

I enabled filestreaming (via SQL Server Configuration)
against a shared folder 'FS'.

Then I configure streaming in TSQL:
EXEC sp_configure filestream_access_level, 2

Next I created a database and within that a filetable with
directory 'DS'. All fine. 'DS' is within 'FS'. I put some
documents in 'DS'. I was able to run queries over the
filetable and look at it's document store. All good.

Then I realise that I actually want the documents in a
different folder. So I delete the database and try, via
SQL Server Configuration, to change the name of the shared
folder. No luck. I rerun TSQL reconfigure filestream all
ways but whatever I do when going to SQL Server Config
and filestream there's the dreaded:

A previous FILESTREAM configuration attempt was incomplete.
FILESTREAM may be in a an inconsistent state until

Huh. How do I reconfigure it?

I've read everything on the first ten pages of Google re
streaming and filetables.

Any ideas?