Filestream files

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i seek some advice. i have a database with filestream. there was only 1 file in filestream filegroup. that file is nearly 700GB disk drive that resides on is only 750GB. so what i did i added another file to filestream this new file is on another disk drive. considering "This means that if you add a new data file to a filegroup that has mostly full data files, the proportional fill weightings will be such that the new file will be the one where allocations come from until it fills up to the same level as the older files. The new file in essence becomes an allocation hot spot." i was under the impression that any future data file go in that 2nd file but this is not the case. some data still get written to file 1 hence we keep getting alerts about low disk space on that drive. Can someone please advise if we can stop SQL server from writing in the file 1


Set the max size of the original file to its current size and disable autogrow. SQL would then be forced to write everything to the second file.

we can't set max size for a file that is part of filestream filegroup :frowning: