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Field Permissions


How can I effectively split update responsibilities on fields within a table between two teams?

consider a table with 25 fields. I want to move the responsibility for data quality (updates) on only 8 of those fields to a different team.

I'm being told to create a new table and move the 8 fields; set update permission on that table to the new team.

My concern is that I have hundreds of queries across the organization that would have to be re-written to do a join of the two tables... seems a bit inefficient to me....



Split the table. Write a view to do the join. Call the view the same name as the existing table. Done.


ahh.. simple and elegant.. and I assume I change the name of the current table (view and tables cannot carry the same name, eh?


correct. should do it!


It may be helpful to you


very helpful.. vertical, horizontal, file group partitioning... good reminders!

I did not mention earlier that the system is a large data warehouse... as I am more a transactional system guy, I held the believe that DW's typical reduce relations... one reason DW table are so large..

However, it seems currently DW implementations use more transactional design that I thought... relational tables (called code tables here); and even with the reduced cost of storage, we are needed to implement file group partitioning to split out older data that is rarely accessed from more current data...

thank you for the help, SQL Team!