Feature installation question

I am trying to install replication services to an existing instance on a 64-bit machine. The existing instance is in C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\ but when I try to install replication services it defaults to C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server. If I change it to C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\ I get an error when I get to the Database Engine Configuration page under the data directories tab that says the system database files already exist.

I guess I am unclear on where this should be installed. It is an instance feature, not a shared feature. Shouldn't it be installed to the same directory as the existing instance?

Also, I have my non-system databases on a different drive. Do I need to specify that location again?

I don't recall this being an issue when installing other features.

Thanks in advance.


What directory are you using for the data files? It sounds like you may be confusing where the instance is stored, where the tools are located and where the data files are kept.

Thanks for the response. The issue has been resolved.

I am not sure why it happened but I was running the installation on the server from a share. It was located in another folder on the local machine. When I ran it from there it ran correctly. Several screens that were coming up during the installation on the share were skipped. The one strange thing that I did notice when installing from the share is that when I got to the feature selection page the already installed features were not selected and the check boxes were not inactive as they were when I installed it from the folder on the local machine.

The weird thing is the installation folders except for being in different locations are exactly the same.

Thanks again.