Fast Data access from a regular updating table

Hi i have a table that is always busy due to different update/insert/delete happening over that and i have a report that is created on the top of this due to heavy transaction on that table i am cannot show my result faster and user hit that report in every 2-3 mins to analyse its business.

In that situation what should i do to get data faster and also my transaction would not impact.

Read Committed Snapshot maybe?

I want to scale up the design. Please suggest some improvement in design prospective.

If you tell me why Read Committed Snapshot is not suitable I'll see if I can suggest something more appropriate.

i tried this but due to excess load on table select is too slow. i am asking for some suggestion in design term.

How big did your TEMPDB grow during your test? (and what's the size of your DB and your LOG file, and what's the total size of your LOG backups for, say, 24 hours?)