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FAQ from old forum


I think Kristen's SQL Server Frequently Asked Questions FAQ should be made available here (and also made sticky). It's a really nice collection and I use it ever so often.


Seems a bit (a lot?!) out of date now ... but the original topic is locked, I'll Cut & Paste it here and can then edit it some (I'll need some help from a MOD to get the original as the topic is locked)


If all topics are migrated to new forum, you have a big task of editing all the links


Yes, good point. I would, in the first instance, just leave them pointing to the old forum / threads. If Graz decides to migrate the old posts across to the new one (no mean feat with this new forum software, and in chatting with Graz it is not clear that there would be any benefit) then the original post will wind up here with corrected links and all :slight_smile:


Now that there are no new registrations on the old forum could a Moderator unlock the original thread please? I could then EDIT it and Cut & Paste over the underlying formatted text. Thanks.



Where are new moderators in new forum?


They are listed in "About"