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Failover Cluster Lease Timeout Availability Group

I need to change the LEASE TIMEOUT on an Availability Group on hundreds of SQL Servers. I have seen the following command for changing the HEALTH_CHECK_TIMEOUT -


But there doesn't seem to be any TSQL for changing the LEASE TIMEOUT -

Am I overlooking the obvious? I would prefer to avoid having to manually change the LEASE TIMEOUT value in the Failover Cluster Manager on all of these servers.


PowerShell is your best best:

Get-Cluster -Name "Cluster1" | Get-ClusterResource | Where-Object { $_.ResourceType -eq "SQL Server Availability Group" } | Set-ClusterParameter -Name "LeaseTimeout" -Value 600000

There are ways to enumerate a list of cluster names but I don't know them offhand. In any case you can generate that list and then pipe it to the Get-Cluster cmdlet and it will process them all.

You may have to install PowerShell remoting on the cluster nodes in order for this to work properly, I haven't tested it on more than 2 clusters myself.

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Ahhh - thank you.... I will give this a try...


Works perfectly - again, thanks!