Extended Events and SQL Profiler returning inconsistent results for Stored Procedures

SQL Server 2016 using SSMS 18.12.1 (had the same problem with 18.9.2)

I have two SPs: GetProduct and AddProduct.

  1. For the SQL Profiler only calls to GetProduct are logged
  2. For Extended Events they are both logged but differently - I'm using rpc_starting but I am new to Extended Events so any guidance is appreciated.

object_name: GetProduct
Statement: exec dbo.GetProduct

object name: AddProduct
statement: declare @p2 xml set @p2=convert...

  1. Interestingly, when tracing with NetMon the former looks fine. The latter has a parsing failure on the TDS Remote Procedure Call: [Malformed Packet]

I'm aware that NetMon has been deprecated and this could be a parsing issue with NetMon.

The object of the exercise is to be able to examine just the SP Calls, not the statements within them.

FYI, I am seeing this with three different managed providers on the client:
Microsoft.Data.SqlClient 5.0.0 .Net 6
System.Data.SqlClient 4.8.3 .Net 6
SqlClient from the 4.8.x .Net Framework

one of the issues i faced is


dont know if thats the case with you

The Account ( Windows or SQL ) running the SQL Profiler maynot be able to see