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Export to cvs with common value to merge sheets?

Hi I’m very good with Excel but after searching for tutorials and watching videos. I can’t find any answer to my issue.

I downloaded the user.cvs which has the basic user information. I downloaded the user_information.cvs. I can't combine (or merge) the two CVS sheets because they have no common factors or value to match. Is there any way I can add a common value to both SQL tables before downloading so I can merge they after downloading?

Notes: This sql database is hosted on dreamhost. It was built for a php website. I’m trying to import the as much information as I can into a new wordpress website.

Thank you for your time

you can add a row number column to both SQL tables and merge

but without knowing our data or how you are planning to merge ?
its just a guess

Welcome! Where are you downloading these csv files from?

That is a great idea. I look into how to do that.

Thanks again

Hi From the Myphpadmin. I know very little about SQL, only have to tweak Myphp and download cvs sheets. A friend ask me to recover what information I could so I doing my best but I assumed I could download, merge and upload to wordpress. That I do know how to do.

Thank you

so the export is not exposing the id that joins both data sources. is the source system in the cloud or on premise?

It's dreamhost. I have found bits and parts of sheets that do have same values and I'm slow matching up most of the cvs sheets.

I would avoid that tedious and error prone approach especially if you have confidential data that you might mistakenly expose to the wrong user and get in legal hot water.

Exposing a user is not an issue in this case. Thanks for the links

Hi, how can I add a column in each table in MyPHPAdmin and be sure they will match up in each table? Some of the tables have a user ID and others band ID. When I open two tables that have users ID's, that doesn't seem to mean those ID matching up. I'd love to put in an ID that runs through all the tables so when I download the CVS file, I could merge them. Thank you for any thoughts or advice.
Thank you

hi Kim


Dont have any idea about MyPHP

Based on what, how does the mapping happen?