Execution of large size sql file

Have an sql query to update a huge number of records in a table. The problem causing is the .sql file get stuck
when opened in sql browser. Saw a commandline solution to execute the sql file, would like to know if there
is any alternative like sql command to execute the large size .sql file?

try using command line - sqlcmd

What on Earth is in the .SQL file? Is it a whole bunch of INSERT/SELECT commands? If not, what is it?

commandline is working.but when it comes to staging server,we dont have access there.Hence,looking for an option to run from the sqlbrowser

yes, a large size file with a huge number of sql statement

Is it run on schedule or will it be run once only. Why is it so big and what does it do


one idea is to SPLIT the large into smaller size files
and run each one of them INDIVIDUALLY ..

Example .. Huge File Size 100 MB ... split into 10 Files of 10 MB ( 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 )
run each one individually .. first 1 .. once 1 is over 2 .. once 2 is over 3 .. till 10

Please google search .. LOTS of file splitters available

Online file Splitter

of if you want to download and install

Please be specific. What kind of SQL Statements? Very specfically, are they INSERT/SELECT statements or what?

And there's no need to download file splitters, etc, etc. It can be done pretty easily in PowerShell but we need to know what the file contains because just splitting the file into pieces might not be what is necessary.

Further to this - how is this file generated? Do you have access to the method for generating the file - or to the group providing the data?

It would be a whole lot easier if you received the data only - and not any SQL statements. Then - you could use any number of utilities to load the data to a staging table and update/insert as needed.

this is very telling ^^^