Execute Process task stopped working in SQL job


In my SSIS package it loads data from excel to SQL table, then email job status to users and re-name the file .
The rename the Excel file is bat file and execute by Execute Process Task. It was working fine in MS Visual Studio and when schedule as a job.

After adding user email part by Execute Sql Task with msdb.dbo.sp_send_dbmail command. Everything is working fine in Visual Studio on executing the package.

But when ran as SQL job, Execute Process task in not working, tried moving before the email alert even then no success.It stopped working. the job getting completed successfully no issue.

Not sure what changed, any help will be great.


What does the SSIS log say?

log status is successful, no error job completes but Excel file name is not changed. But when the same executed in Visual Studio file is renamed.


Perhaps the account running the job does not have the permission to rename the file