Execute button on run package grayed out


I have SQL Server 32 bit on my machine. I ran an import export job the other day and wanted to save it. I picked save it to file and I found it strange it never asked me where to save it. So this morning I decided to have a look for it and found that it saves it in the instance you were in at the time.

I also found the execute package in all programs so ran this and the window came up but with execute button grayed out. At the bottom of the window it says, amongst other things, that you need management tools basic to run, but I already have this installed.

When I go into the installation center it shows management tools basic as being selected, however the ticks are grayed out too.

Never really fathomed out SQL server installs, seems you have to keep running this installer to fix things and then I don't understand why they are grayed out. If memory serves me right the tick boxes for management tools - basic were ticked the first time I installed and grayed out too.

What is wrong and how can I set up to allow packages to be run?



I just found what appears to have partially fixed this for anyone wondering:

Follow instruction here:

Go to stack overflow > look for "Can't install SQL Server 2008 R2 management tool (complete)"

  1. Run the installer -> Maintenance -> Edition Upgrade -> follow the wizard.
  1. Then -> Run the installer -> Installation -> New SQL Server stand-alone ... -> ... "Add features to existing install" -> Management Tools - Complete.

Although I didn't need to do the second part. Just restart pc after doing it.

I can now work in the execute packages window, but, and it's a big but, I can't seem to find the package nor can I remember if it is was a SSIS package or a file package. I don't think it was a SSIS package as I looked in both folders it gives and there was nothing there.

I've also reverted to doing a search for *.dtsx packages and can't see anything there either just system type packages.

So I am still lost as to where this saved the files?

Can you connect to Integration Services from SSMS? If so, look for your package there. If not, then somehow you may have lost it.

Hi thanks for advice. I think I just redone it in the end and made sure it was saved as file.