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Excel WorkBook With Multiple excel sheets


HI ,

I am exporting data from SQL server to existing Excel workbook.
Now I want to create new excel workbook with multiple excel sheets using SQL.
I Don't want to use IMPORT/EXPORT feature of SSMS.

Please let me know how to create excel workbook with multiple sheets.



Integration services via SSDT-BI


Thanks for your reply..

Please elaborate,
How can i use "Integration services via SSDT-BI"


install ssdt-bi (google for the link), then follow the stairway series here:Intregration Services


Actually, it would be a whole lot easier if you wrote stored procedures and or views in T-SQL and then wrote a workbook to use "External Data" to "auto-magically" load it. You'd also enjoy the benefit of being able to use Active Directory to control who has access to the data.