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Excel Source file with Multiple Tabs with different or same table structure


Hi Guys,

I need Help/advice. I am working on SSIS Project. Kind of simple Project BUT.... My source file is .XLX and has different Tabs
Tab1 = Sheet1
Tab2 = Sheet2
Tab3 = Sheet3
Tab4 = Sheet1-a
Tab5 = Sheet1-b

Sheet1/Sheet-a/Sheet-b has same Table structure
Sheet2 has different Table structure
Sheet3 has different Table structure

I was thinking to create different ETLs (Sheet1/Sheet2/Sheet3). My questions are how can I check If Sheet Name is = Sheet1 run Sheet1 Package and/or Sheet Name = Sheet2 then run Sheet2 Package and so on.
Loop all tabs.

Please advise.

Thank You.


you could create a package with five data flow tasks or one dataflow task with five pipes. Personally I'd opt for 5 dataflows. in each DFL, the Excel source would specify the particular worksheet.