Excel connection is opening the FILE on data validation


Background: I have a very simple job that imports data from 3 xlsx files to 3 sql tables using ssis (VS 2013). I am on a large corporate network, so my scheduling capabilities are slim. I have been using an excel scheduler for 3 years with no real issues to speak of. The scheduler uses a batch file (one per project) to fire off and kill various projects. The times do not overlap.

Issue: That said, I have been having a really strange issue. On the above mentioned job, it runs fine when opening VS and running manually (99% of the time). When the scheduler fires off the job with the batch file, it OPENS all of the excel connections (the actual FILES open with a read write prompt) when it gets to that part of the ETL process!

Final Word: I see it happening on the other packages where an excel connection manager exists (there are only 2 others out of 15). It appears to be opening upon data validation of the connection. Delay validation setting makes no difference (nor should it really in this case).

Has anyone ever seen this behavior? I am at a complete loss and its killing my vibe! :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance,


This is occuring on all packages with an excel connection. Help.