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Event handlers

Hi, I have found this info about event handlers:
SSIS is a tool for extract, load, and transform (ETL) operations
Event handlers let you run SSIS components on a per-executable, per-event basis

Execute SQL Task in SSIS allows user to execute parameterized SQL statement and create mapping between these parameters and the SSIS variables
The Bulk Insert task in SSIS can transfer data only from a text file into a table or view

Data Flow task encapsulates the data flow engine that moves data between sources and destinations, and lets the user transform, clean, and modify data as it is moved

But I have a question asking for 11 event handlers:
Which of the following has 11 SSIS event handlers?
A. For each loop container
B. Data flow task
C. Bulk intert task
D. Execute sql task

Have you looked at the documentation:

There's a list in that link, and reading it carefully you can pretty easily eliminate 2 of the answers. Further research on the other objects will answer it, better than us just telling you.