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Can someone assist in resolving the below error


psql:/Users/simon/Downloads/vehicle.sql:77: ERROR: invalid input syntax for type numeric: "$41831.07"
LINE 1: ...del, Price) values (71, 'Ford', 'Econoline E150', '$41831.07...

Have you tried removing the quotes around the value?

Removed the comas.

psql:/Users/simon/Downloads/Car.sql:7: ERROR: syntax error at or near ".91"
LINE 1: ...odel, price) values (1, 'Mitsubishi', 'Chariot', $43941.91);

Not resolved yet

please post the code in Car.sql. and is this for Microsoft SQL Server?

$41831.07 is not going to work, you would need to remove the $

Worked! Thank you @yosiasz @djj55